null CIE Automotive, un año más en el top 10 del prestigioso ranking Reporta

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CIE Automotive, one more year in the top 10 of the prestigious ranking Reporta


In this edition, the 2019 Annual Report of up to 120 companies listed on the Spanish stock exchange has been assessed

CIE Automotive stands out again in the Reporta ranking. Published for the first time in 2010, Reporta values the quality of the information that the companies included in the General Index of the Madrid Stock Exchange (IGBM) make available to their shareholders and stakeholders in the Annual Report.


By means of a total of 36 indicators, aspects such as economic-financial and operational transparency; commitment to the environment, to society, to corporate governance and to sustainable development; the relevance of the information presented and the accessibility of this information, are evaluated.


CIE Automotive is in 6th position this year, surrounded by the largest companies in the Ibex 35, which top the rest of the top 13. The company scored a total of 85 points out of a maximum of 100 this year, improving its score by 4% over the previous year. This rating is well above the 46.5-point average for all the companies assessed and also well above the 49.7-point average for the "Basic Materials, Industry and Construction" subset of which CIE Automotive is a player.


The positive evolution of the company and its comparative context with the rest of the companies evaluated can be seen in the following graph: