Iron Casting

La tecnología de calidad y la excelencia

CIE Automotive produces cast parts in both Brazil and India. Our cast components can also be machined at our plants, in accordance with our customers’ preferences. We supply large numbers of brake parts for commercial vehicles, as well as turbocharger casings, exhaust manifolds and differential casings, among other items.

Casting highlights

Production plants: 3

Turnover: 153 M€ (2023)

Brake drums, brake discs and wheel hubs, crankshaftfs, turbocharger housings, exhaust manifolds, differential cases and carriers, wheel hubs, brackets, etc


  • Green sand moulding; heat treatment
  • Machining

Disamatic Casting Lines
Machining Capability

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Worldwide presence

We use Casting in the following countries:


Headquarters, production plants, and commercial offices

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