The CIE Automotive group, as a business with a vision of the future, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, is permanently committed to caring for the environment in everything it does. This commitment, clearly set forth in its mission, vision and value statement, is fully integrated into our management model.

The CIE Automotive group works to maintain the balance between its industrial activity and its environment. Our commitment to systematic review enables us to prevent or minimise the environmental impact of our activities right back to product design.  Moreover, our knowledge of production processes allows us to decide on which aspects we want to focus our efforts in order to minimise our consumption of raw materials, energy, water and other factors of production.

CIE Automotive has a last-generation recycling system that enables us to reuse internally, for example, thousands of tonnes of aluminium shavings from machining processes to cast new parts, as well as using scrap metal as raw material for Meltowers.

Water is another resource of which intensive use is made to produce parts that require materials processed at high temperatures. CIE Automotive has its own facilities for treatment and recovery of different grades of water to reduce its waste disposal to a minimum.