Mission, Vision and Values


We are an industrial group specialised in managing high added value processes.

CIE Automotive is an international industrial group that manages high added value processes. We apply this concept to our management, with a holistic view of all stages in the value chain in sectors with good prospects for the future.


CIE Automotive is a supplier of components, assemblies and sub-assemblies for the global automotive market, basing its actions on the use of complementary technologies and various associated processes.

With an integrated vision of all phases of the value chain.

We are growing sustainably and profitably to position ourselves as the benchmark partner by satisfying our customers with comprehensive, innovative and competitive solutions with high added value.

We strive for excellence on the basis of the following commitments:

  • Constant improvement of processes and efficient management thereof.
  • Encouragement of participation, involvement and teamwork in a pleasant, safe setting.
  • Transparency and integrity in everything we do.
  • Care for and improvement of the environment.

Benchmark Partner

Process Management Specialist

Orientation towards Customer


We aspire to be the benchmark industrial group specialising in high added-value process management.

We seek to become the paradigm of a socially responsible company through our permanent commitment and our responsibility with the consequences and impacts that derive from our actions, with:

  • People and their fundamental rights.

  • Climate change, by fostering initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.

  • Creating value.

  • Cooperation with stake holders.

  • Excellence in management.

We set out to be a benchmark in:

  • The value chain through our ESG commitment.

  • Green innovation and green design.

  • Quality and service.



At CIE Automotive we attach importance to people:

  • By respecting their fundamental rights and promoting equality.
  • By providing them with fair and safe employment conditions.
  • By fostering their capacity for initiative, creativity and innovation, participation and teamwork, their ability to achieve goals and add value, a positive attitude to change and to constant improvement.

At CIE Automotive we attach importance to the climate change by:

  • Maintaining a focus on risk prevention.
  • Promoting the circular economy to minimize any negative impact.
  • The efficient use of natural resources. 

At CIE Automotive we attach importance to transparency in management:

  • By promoting responsibility, integrity and commitment to a job well done.
  • By making public all important data about our business in a clear way so that they can be known and understood.

At CIE Automotive we attach importance to stake holders:

  • By promoting honest relations by an active listening.
  • By respecting their rights.

At CIE Automotive we attach importance to legality:

  • By complying with national and international regulations.


Honesty, equity and integrity are the basis of all our values

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