null CIE Automotive se incorpora al IBEX Gender Equality Index

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CIE Automotive joins the IBEX Gender Equality Index


The first index that measures the gender equality of Spanish listed companies outperforms the IBEX 35 so far this year by four percentage points

The Technical Advisory Committee has approved the inclusion of 17 new companies in the IBEX Gender Equality as of 20 June, including CIE Automotive. This brings the total number of listed companies that meet the gender diversity criteria to 45. To join the index, which was launched in November 2021, companies must have between 25% and 75% female presence on their Board of Directors and between 15% and 85% in senior management.

In keeping with its commitment to gender equality and diversity, CIE Automotive has five women (38% of the total) on its Board of Directors and four (40%) in senior management at year-end 2021.

Carmen López, Head of Indexes at BME, explains that "Since its launch, the IBEX Gender Equality has fulfilled a dual function: on the one hand, it serves as an indicator of the state of gender equality in Spanish listed companies and, on the other hand, it also acts as a driver of change, encouraging companies that are not included in the index to make progress on this essential issue for the proper development of the economy and compliance with the United Nations' Sustainable Development 5th Goal".

Out of the 45 constituents of the index, 20 are part of the IBEX 35, 12 of the IBEX Small Cap, 7 of the IBEX Medium Cap and another 6 of the IGBM.  The participation of the stocks in the index is equal-weighted, so that the weight of each of them will be 2.2%.

Since its launch on November 30th, this index has appreciated by 9.2%, more than two percentage points above the IBEX 35, and so far this year, it has outperformed the IBEX 35 by four points: 6% versus 1.48%.