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Dominion acquires the American firm Commonwealth Dynamics


This will enable the company to reinforce its range of high added-value solutions and build up its presence in the USA, Mexico, Peru and India

In line with its strategy and the goals of its recent flotation on the stock exchange, of becoming a major player in the consolidation process in the multi-technology services and solutions and specialist engineering sector, Dominion has acquired the American firm Commonwealth Dynamics, Inc.


This company, based in New Hampshire (USA), is a niche firm with over 35 years of experience in providing engineering solutions and carrying out highly complex projects for a wide range of sectors in the industrial sphere.

Commonwealth Dynamics concentrates its business in countries with major industries, including the USA, Chile, Mexico, Peru and India, and most of the leading firms in these countries are among its customers.


The cost of the takeover is around six million US dollars (about 5.2 million euros). In the last full financial year, Commonwealth Dynamics, Inc. had a turnover of 49 million US dollars (about 42.6 million euros).

With this acquisition, Dominion evidences its ability to integrate high added-value teams and strengthen both its range in the area of specialist solutions and its presence in countries with enormous industrial potential.

Dominion sees digitalisation as the use of digital technology to change business models. The essential mission of Dominion is to help its customers to make their production processes more flexible and efficient, whether through full outsourcing of these processes or by applying solutions based on specialist technology and platforms.


Dominion does business through two operational segments: multi-technical services or "Services" and specialist engineering and solutions or "Solutions", and focuses on three fields of activity: telecommunications and technology or “T&T”, and industry and renewable energy.