Governance Corporate Policies

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Internal Reporting System Policy  23/02/2024
Policy on Anti-Competitive Practices  23/02/2024
Policy on Information Technologies and Cybersecurity Risks  23/02/2024
Policy on Compliance and Compliance Risk Prevention 23/02/24
Corporate Tax Policy 10/2019
Policy on Information, Communication and Contacts for Shareholders, Markets and Other Stakeholders 23/02/24
Corporate Governance Policy 23/02/24
Control and Risk Management Policy 23/02/24
Policy on the Internal Control over Financial and Non-Financial Reporting Systems 23/02/24
Policy on Candidate Selection and Diversity for the Board of Directors 23/02/24
Shareholder remuneration Policy 23/02/24
Policy on Statutory Auditor Contracting and Relations 23/02/24